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You have likely heard of Linux right? What is the buzz about?

Linux is an Operating System that is the equivalent of Windows. It is available to download for free, or to purchase very inexpensively. All of the software that you need to run a business is also free. In most cases it all comes packaged together.

In the beginning the system was complicated and required either extensive knowledge of computers or many hours of reading and investigation to do the simplest tasks.

Now the different distributions have varying degrees of difficulty. There are many that are as easy to use as Windows, and are quite intuitive. With a small amount of help, one can be installed along with Windows or inside Windows (but will perform slower in this fashion).

You will be able to choose which system you wish to run and share the files between them. In a short time you will feel comfortable with the Linux and be able to accomplish every task within it.

Linux has far less viral and denial of service incidents than Windows. There are many more contributors to Linux, which fix problems in a much quicker fashion.  A small fortune can be saved on Office software and the single copy you have can be installed on several computers. In Ubuntu's case the software is released every 6 months, keeping it current with the latest developments. Linux is leaner than Windows and runs well on older systems but will take greater advantage of 64 bit instruction sets.

Small or large businesses can benefit from the use of this software. 


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