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Computer systems complete with hard drive, monitor, etc. are available at the latest low prices.

Any individual system can be made right here... we also suggest the best deals of the time...

Please inquire, prices change regularly.

Any Hardware is available:

  •  Monitors - all sizes, CRT's and LCD's
  •  USB Drive Bays for hard drives/CD/DVD writers and players
  •  Hard Drives - great deals on 40 - 1000 Gig capacities
  •  Raid storage solutions are economical and updateable... phone or e-mail for a quote
  •  RAM - get reasonable prices on one of the least expensive ways to improve your computer
  •  Printers - Ink jet, laser, colour laser, all in ones...
  •  USB hard drive keys
  •  Blank CD's
  •  Blank DVD+ or - R's
  •  CD/DVD sleeves
  •  ...many other items - call or e-mail for a quote

Contact Information

Phone if your problem is urgent, or e-mail if you have a specific problem or question.

New computers are available at amazing prices as well.

(705) 743-9401
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